"The Great Fantastic was founded in large part due to a Buzzfeed article I read a couple years ago about sweatpant overalls for women. I immediately thought to myself, 'I want a pair' but alas, could not find any for men. So I made my own. In the process of doing so I had to create a business, but didn't want to pigeon hole myself into just sweat onesies (Swoverall Inc. crossed my mind), so I made the brand name more...universal. 

Where did The Great Fantastic name come from? Well, I wish the story was sexier...but the truth is my Mom would say it once in a while during my formative years when she was reminiscing about her glory days. The term was always used when talking about risk-taking, adventure, and noteworthy experiences - which I guess is what this whole project evokes in me. Said differently, The Great Fantastic has been designed to be a creative incubator space of sorts for things that may excite me." - Kyle 

Working and living in NYC, Kyle works full-time as a Senior Buyer at a beauty & grooming retailer. On some week nights, he can be found in class at NYU's Stern School of Business.  Some mornings and weekends you can find him coaching group fitness classes at the OrangeTheory Astor Place Studio.  Additionally, Kyle travels around the country and world playing midfield for the Israeli Men's National Lacrosse team. This is Kyle's first solo business venture. 

Giveback story: a percentage of net profits are donated to Urban Pathways and The Israel Lacrosse Association.